Fluent Strategy Group, LLC

Fluent Strategy Group, LLC
Founded in Washington, D.C. in 2009
and based in San Antonio since 2012


Whether your goals are issue or advocacy-based, philanthropic or sales-oriented, you need to be strategic in your investment.

Doing business with Fluent Strategy Group means personalized and professional consultancy services at every phase of your project.

Tapping into our expertise allows you to achieve your goals; whether they include obtaining accurate information to confidently enter new markets, changing brand or messaging strategies as socio-economic conditions change, or just getting to market faster than your competition.

Whatever your project or communications needs Fluent Strategy Group and its network of experts can help you achieve your goals.

Fluent Strategy Group provides our clients an added advantage …what we refer to as…Cross Cultural Fluency™.

With a growing and changing Hispanic demographic, Fluent Strategy Group leverages its bicultural and bilingual expertise to ensure our clients have a greater reach to diverse markets, audiences and consumers.

Fluent Strategy Group